Reviews - Mystery

The Druid's Cup

A woman has been found with no memory of anything before she received her injuries — at the same time, a man is murdered, and a treasure lost. Can hypnosis draw out the answers, or will the murderer silence her first? Esther cannot remember anything about herself. Put in a home under the care of a gruff and suspicious man, she does not know whom to trust.

Crazy Rhythm

HISTORICAL:  In 2003 in an assisted living home in Everett Washington, Gunnar Nilson is telling Kristi about his private eye days back in post-World War II Seattle. Kristi decides to write Gunnar’s stories in a paper for school. Gunnar starts by telling Kristi about a murder of his best friend’s brother that he must solve due to an obligation to his friend.

Accidental Lawyer

When Jessica Snow took a job as a personal injury lawyer, she saw it as a stepping-stone to bigger and better things. While her associates at the law firm are happy being ambulance chasers, Jessica ultimately wants to find work that doesn’t leave her feeling sleazy at the end of the day.

Yesterday's News

Clare Carlson enjoys a successful journalism career that took off when she covered the disappearance of Lucy Devlin a decade ago. The coverage earned her a coveted Pulitzer Prize. When new evidence comes to light in the form of an email, she is back on the case.

HISTORICAL:  Captain Lord Jason Peyton has no idea he is being spied upon by the Kinsey sisters, Diana and Helen. As he watches for his informant to make an appearance, so do the girls watch Lord Peyton — and he is the subject of much discussion.  Without hesitation, Diana remarks how handsome he is. Helen, the elder sister, is reluctant to say much.