The Case of the Desperate Doctor


Dr. Eric Darcy and Dr. Schwartz hear that one of their colleagues, Dr. Abrams, has been found dead in her bathtub. When Dr. Schwartz tells Eric there is a possibility that he killed her, Eric doubts it and decides to help him. When Eric learns of a possible connection between Dr Abrams and his deceased wife, he realizes he must find out what it is. Eric digs deeper into Dr. Abrams life and mysterious death only to discover a link hbetween Dr. Abrams and Eric’s wife.  Working with his sister-in-law, Tory, Eric finds that Dr. Abrams life wasn’t all that perfect, and there is more to her death than just a simple murder. 

This story is filled with mystery and suspense from start to finish. The reader is thrust into the town of Safe Harbor, but just because its name has “safe” in it doesn’t mean life there is at all safe. The mysterious death of Dr. Abrams  raises questions, including how it is related to the death of Darcy’s wife. which is never fully explained. The reader is left wondering what actually happened to her. The medical diseases mentioned are explained adequately and will satisfy even healthcare professionals though the treatments are vague. Dr. Eric Darcy is a very intense protagonist, and readers may be put off at first by his cold demeanor. yThe reasons behind his coldness, however, will leave readers feeling sympathy for him and hoping he finds inner peace. The book will satisfy any mystery buff.

Roslynn Ernst