Accidental Lawyer


When Jessica Snow took a job as a personal injury lawyer, she saw it as a stepping-stone to bigger and better things. While her associates at the law firm are happy being ambulance chasers, Jessica ultimately wants to find work that doesn’t leave her feeling sleazy at the end of the day. However, when her boss Harvey, is accused of murdering a local financial adviser, Jessica calls upon herself to not only clear his name but also protect the reputation of the law firm. With time and the town turning against them, Jessica and the firm's secretary Kari must track down the real killer while dealing with the chaos that is their current caseload. From encountering snakes to blackmailing the mob, Jessica begins to see a different side to her job, and the people around her, that she didn’t before. 

From Harvey’s eccentricities to Kari’s sassy humor, “Accidental Lawyer” brings readers a whole lot of heart with its variety of characters. The book, however, has a few too many characters causing the reader to forget who is who. With more focus on primary characters, readers would get to know more about them and form a stronger connection with Jessica and her friends. Another issue is the inconsistencies or unrealistic moments when it comes to how people behave in their jobs, including one where a detective says he just threw in a murder charge because, why not. Besides this, “Accidental Lawyer” gives readers a fast paced, intriguing story with so many twists they won't  know what is going to happen next. 

Hannah Hurdle