Reviews - Inspirational

ICU nurse Lily Ziminski is having a bad day after she’s pulled over on her way into work. But things take a strange turn when the same good-looking trooper, Caleb Graham, turns up in the hospital with his mother…and the sparks begin to fly between them.

After September

Rose Davis has had a horrible year: she is trying to come to terms with her divorce from her husband of over twenty years after he left her for a woman half his age.

Maddie Smith grew up in a foster care system that left scars on her soul. She doesn’t believe in God anymore and throws herself into her job as an ICU nurse.

Years ago, Lillian’s heart broke (very publicly!) when the man of her dreams, James Cahil, got married.

A Sunrise in Rio

Businessman Eric Jansen has had enough of women who date him for his money and status.  He just wants to concentrate on closing his company’s next deal to build a luxury hotel and some low-cost homes in Rio de Janeiro.  The o