Silenced Song


SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Thirty years ago, Susanna Morgan escaped the horrific fate of her three friends, and has dealt with the guilt ever since.  When her parents ask her to return to their old home in Parnell, Florida, to pack up her childhood home she reluctantly agrees to go. A food editor, Susanna thinks to cover the Pomelo Festival for her magazine while she is there.  A series of frightening anonymous phone calls and a number of unsettling pranks make it clear to Susanna that she is in danger from a past that she doesn’t remember. Falling for former pastor Grant Landon makes things even more complicated.  Susanna and Grant unearth a long-buried secret together. Will they be able to come to terms with the past before it is too late? 

Gloria Marlow has written a fast-paced, gripping, "can't put it down" page turner that will grab readers from the very first page. The setting is well captured; the dialogue is fast-paced and witty. The protagonist is compelling, and the unknown antagonist will set readers' teeth on edge. The anxiety and tension builds up with each turn of the page. The reader will sympathize with all the characters and the tragedy in their past. Lots of twists and turns,  a tangled web of lies and things left unsaid all make "Silenced Song" a first-rate read!

L. Kane