Reviews - Historical

Trusting the Law

Grace‘s desperate state has forced her into a life of crime. After all, being an owner of a bar that serves bootleg liquor is a dangerous avocation in Chicago in 1922. Prohibition is in full force, and anyone suspected of selling (or even drinking) it, is considered a criminal.

Word and Deed

After Verity Favian’s father dies unexpectedly (as unexpected as it can be when the poor man was murdered), she finds herself in a dicey situation.  As a witness, she’s in a very dangerous position -  killing her might make people suspicious, but she can’t be allowed to roam free and share her knowledge. The solution – marry her off to the highest bidder – Lord Silvanticus.

The Governess Affair

Hugo Marshall is determined and ambitious. As a former boxer Hugo has squared off against any number of opponents and won. But Hugo has met his match. Serena Barton is tenacious and optimistic. She'll fight until she gets what she's owed.

Autumn Duchess

Antonia, Duchess of Roxton, has been in mourning for three years.  Wed at a very young age to the love of her life, the Duke of Roxton’s death has left her adrift with no reason or desire to go on.  Her family are at their wits end as they watch her spend hours each day sitting by her beloved’s resting place.  She is still an incredible beauty who has so much of life ahead, if she would only lo

The Sweetest Touch

Louisa, is a beautiful, young pickpocket who is run down by the Duke of  Kenbridge’s carriage one night.