Where Have All the Scoundrels Gone?


Dowager Lady Thornham spends her days reading about the rakes and scoundrels of London but of late, most of them have settled down and married. Her companion, Honora Beaumont, suggests she find a new diversion — and the Dowager comes up with a doozy! With three rakehell nephews in need of wives, she will throw a house party, giving her nephews a fortnight within which to find a suitable wife. If they do not, she will cut off their considerable allowances. Gemma Seton is hired to act as matchmaker for the three scoundrels. The men – Miles, Richard, and William, gave the Dowager a run for her money in the past, now it is time to give them their just desserts.

“Where Have All the Scoundrels Gone?” is a rollicking good novel that will keep readers enchanted as the three nephews find their true loves – none of them the debutantes supplied by their doting aunt! Author Donna Cummings cleverly divides her novel into three parts, following each of the men as they woo their ladyloves during this crucial fortnight. The characters are all sympathetic, three-dimensional individuals with their own foibles. There is deception, sneaking around, and self-discovery to be had in this marvelously crafted novel. 

Belinda Wilson