A Raging Madness (Redepenning #2)


Ella is in a drug-induced fog, and has been for some time now. She is desperate to escape her brother-in-law and his wife, who are keeping her locked away. When she learns that Alex, a man from her past, who has never been out of her heart, is near, Ella has to find him and plead for his help. She has been painting the illusion of compliance to her brother-in-law — pretending to take the drugs dispensed only to spit them out when left alone. This is giving her mind and body time to plan her escape. Can she flee without being caught? Will the long-time family friend assist a frail and broken woman and make her feel whole and sane again? Desperate times make for desperate measures.

The story of Ella and Alex takes readers back to another time and place in England. The canal systems drawn by Jude Knight paint a picture of a true form of travel in this time. A war veteran with wounds still healing, Alex makes for a delightful transport. Ella is a strong woman and once on her feet again she is full of goals and ambition. The pace of the story is slow and when dangerous sabotage situations occur they feel glossed over. The abundance of characters is much to track but most play a minimal role, so not a distraction. As the second in a series, "A Raging Madness" stands alone, however, reading the first may shed more light on Ella’s marriage. The struggles of an abused widow and allowing true love in will give readers much to celebrate in “A Raging Madness.”

Viola Robins