The Perfect Duchess (The Macalisters #2)


Lady Clara Masson has loved Andrew Macalister, the Duke of Bradstone, since she was ten. Her brother Jonathon, the Earl of Morton, hates Andrew with a vengeance and risking her brother’s wrath, she sneaks out of her brother’s home to attend the Duke’s family birthday ball. Her punishment is much worse than expected. After being nearly beaten to death by her brother, she is left homeless and penniless. Andrew rescues her from her deplorable situation and brings her to his home to recover. He resolves to marry Clara to protect her. When he proposes, she refuses. How can Andrew prove his proposition is truly motivated by the love he has had for her for years, and not simply out of a sense of duty?

Clara, Andrew, and Jonathan are so realistic they practically leap off the page! Their emotions reach out to the reader and it is so easy to empathize with Clara and Andrew. Jonathan is truly frightening, and readers will recoil every time he puts in an appearance. Ms. Taylor certainly knows how to pull her readers into her story. A few of the chapters slow down the overall pace of the novel, and a large cast of characters makes it easy to confuse Andrew’s friends with one another. This does not take away from the book, however. An exciting historical romance, "The Perfect Duchess" is a beautifully written love story, with promises of more to come in the upcoming series.

Belinda Wilson