Kilty Secrets


To squash a long-standing feud with the MacCarrons, Ewan MacKinloch is offered up by his father to wed the rival clan’s lovely lass, Shona MacCarron. Ewan is sent on his way to the MacCarron’s, accompanied by only a few of his trusty men. Fighting tooth and nail to avoid this unwanted marriage, Ewan and Shonna each devise a cockamamie plan to trade places. Will their secret be revealed in time and can the two clans put aside their long-standing differences and defy history with a reconciliation?

Once Ewan sets foot on MacCarron soil, he’s hell-bent on not going through with this silly arranged marriage, but when he realizes who the real Shona is, his heart takes over. Likewise, Shona is smitten with Ewan and the romance is on. On, until a dastardly clansman, banished by Shona’s father, resurfaces and takes her captive. Ewan steps up, earning the respect of the MacCarrons as he swears to rescue her and take her as his bride.

This page turner immediately captures the reader’s attention and makes a solid connection. It’s as though the reader is watching the story unfold on the big screen. Details are vivid, dialect is appropriate to the period, and it’s impossible not to fall in love with the hero and heroine. The story is laced with the perfect amounts of romance, suspense, comedic banter and angst. Readers will be taken with the classy, yet titillating, consummation of the marriage between Shona and Ewan. Ms. Markland has done an outstanding job, giving lovers of historical medieval romance a solidly written read - well deserving of five stars.

Layne Lancaster