Reviews - Historical

Three years ago, Elaina arrived on the island of Alderney. Other than her name, her past is a mystery. Meanwhile, Tristan Trent, Marquess of Hopkins, continues to mourn the disappearance of his wife at sea. As each grapples with a major decision that will affect their future, Elaina's true identity is discovered. Tristan is overjoyed that his wife is alive.

Julianna Feathers escapes her madman of a husband because of his death and attempts to find the one man she has always loved, William Stone. With this unexpected chance, Julianna leaves to create a new life for herself, traveling to Lismoor to finally find William. But, when Julianna gets there, she meets Nicholas MacPherson, the earl of Rothbury.

Lily and her husband, Alfred, head out west after the family fortune is lost. While on their way to their new beginning, they are set upon by Indians, and Alfred is killed. Lily is taken hostage then sold to a Lakota Tribe. Lakota warrior Tahatan refused to take another wife after his previous one passed away. When he is forced to marry Lily, she fights against him at every opportunity.

Lady Penelope Sherbourne has the Book of Love. She must go through the book in order to find a husband. She refuses to fall for the Laird of Caithness, Thaddius MacLauren, who is fiercely protective of her. She considers testing out the methods of the book on Thaddius in the hopes to land an Earl who lives nearby. What she doesn't expect is to develop feelings for Thaddius.

Achillies de Dere and Susanna de Tiegh have a very tense relationship. Susanna refuses to bow down to Achillies which makes for the possibility they might kill one another. When Susanna discovers her brother may be involved in a plot against the King, Achillies is sent to help her investigate. Achillies grows fond of Susanna to the point he cannot get her out of his mind.