Heart of the Highlander


In 1435 Scotland, Muren Grey is trying to escape the situation her brother placed her in. Her brother betroths her to another when, in actuality, she is already betrothed. Without a thought for Muren’s happiness, her brother promises her to one of the king’s men to find favor with the King. Upset with the decision, Muren decides to take matters into her own hands. Trying to find her independence, she hones her skill as a seeker in order to be with the person she loves the most. To do so, she must find a way to dissolve the unwanted betrothal. Rorie MacKenzie, Muren’s actual betrothed and someone she loves, is also displeased with the King’s decision. Deciding to make one of his own, he will take Muren as his wife no matter the costs. Can Rorie sacrifice everything he holds dear for Muren?

The story is so engaging and well-written that readers will feel as if they are in it. The book gives quite a good description of clan life and battles and how King James functioned without any remorse. Of course, these story elements are the only real things the reader will find that places them in Scotland. Muren, the beautiful feisty seer heroine, at first endears herself to readers, but her reluctance to be Rorie’s wife and see outside herself will annoy readers, making it hard to connect with her. Rorie, the brave courageous handsome highlander, is a magnificent hero that readers will instantly fall for. Even when Muren constantly rejects Rorie, the reader will be on his side, always hoping that he can win over Muren.

Roslynn Ernst