The Gentleman’s Heart (Dry Bayou Brides #6)


REGENCY:  Crippled and confined to a life in a wheelchair, Dora Mosier is forced by her mother to earn her keep or be turned out to starve. Dora decides to write letters to wounded Civil War veterans. Wanting to be someone sophisticated, she reinvents herself as Philomena Parks, a robust, well to do woman. She writes to former Union Captain Allon Banks. Surprised when Captain Banks replies to her letter, Dora continues her deception as Philomena.  Allon is so taken with his lady of letters that he takes the train to Dry Bayou to see her. Dora meets Allon as herself and maintains the deception, keeping him from meeting Philomena.

“The Gentleman’s Heart” is a delightful story of deception where the reader is in on the farce. Many rich, full characters bring this novel to life and off the pages as the story unfolds. Emotions run the whole array as we meet sweet Dora, understanding Allon and Dora’s mean spirited parents, the Mosiers. The skillful introduction of the townspeople of Dry Bayou provides a comfortable, small town feeling. The dusty but familiar boardwalks are wonderfully described, as an independent Dora rolls her chair along as Allon tries his best to woo her. Lynn Winchester’s “The Gentleman’s Heart” is so beautifully written that readers will want to read the rest of the series.

Belinda Wilson