Forsworn Fate


Red headed, feisty Ceara, a Sister of Danu, and Garreth Mac Cecht have been betrothed to each other since they were children.  They have been friends for almost their whole lives, until the day Ceara has had her fill of Garreth's skirt chasing. She has no desire to be an unwanted bride — rather, she is hell-bent on finding a husband who loves and respects her. Garreth has humiliated her one too many times. 

Ceara is beautiful and forthright, and knows what she wants in a husband. Garreth, on the other hand, is very much a ladies' man. Promiscuity is his vice and he has no intention of settling down with Ceara. Fed up with Garreth’s ongoing humiliation, Ceara abruptly cancels their engagement. Garreth does an about-face and realizes that she truly is his soul mate. Now he just needs to convince Ceara of this. The arranged marriage is in the cards, so these two need to get their act together and fast!

From page one, Author Mia Pride is spot-on with her character development and enveloping story line. One minute, readers will despise Garreth, and the next, as he comes to his senses, readers will fall in love with him and cheer him on. This romance is breathtaking, the story spellbinding, and readers will be turning page after page to see if this couple can find their happily ever after. Complete with an alliterative title, so fitting for the story, this is a well-deserved five-star read!

 Layne Lancaster