Dark Wolfe (de Wolfe Pack vol. 5)

Le Veque

Since Troy de Wolfe’s wife died in a tragic accident in the Scottish borderlands of the 1270’s, the massive English nobleman, second son of the powerful de Wolfe family, has had a grim view of the world.  When he is called upon to fight one on one against the best warrior from the powerful Kerr clan, he has no idea of the adventure that awaits him. Rhoswyn Kerr, the daughter and only child of the Kerr clan chief, is a better fighter than a maiden.  Fiery by nature and pugnacious by training, she chafes at the restrictions of her gender, wanting only to live a warrior’s life.  Thrown together through surprising circumstances, Troy and Rhoswyn must each give up pieces of their pasts in order to build a future they and their families can live with.

A lively tale set in the turbulent landscape of medieval Scotland, “Dark Wolfe” transports the reader into unfamiliar and violent times where powerful knights rule the lands.  Ms. Le Veque does an admirable job of evoking the sights, sounds and even smells of the Middle Ages. While Rhoswyn’s character is nuanced and terribly likable, Troy’s character often seems stiff and overblown, almost too massive for belief. This brooding giant also seems to give up his broodiness a little too readily.  Several editing glitches distract at times, but despite distractions and quibbles with massive Troy, the story’s action will sweep readers along on a wild ride all the way to the exciting and bloody conclusion.

Marc Joseph