Recent Reviews

Laiden's Daughter

Left motherless as a wee bairn, Aishlinn has suffered mightily  at the hands of her step-father and brother.   After growing up in isolation and servitude she is traded by her brothers to the depraved Earl of  Penrith.  She makes a desperate escape, fleeing England for the Scottish highlands, where she is rescued by Duncan McEwan and his men.  

Dangerous Favor

Mathhilde's father was accused of stealing from the king many years ago and as a result, she and her brother have had to live with the shame and straitened circumstances.  Now she is old enough to marry and has hopes to wed someone with enough wealth to supply the money needed to investigate and possibly clear her father’s name.

Fair Weather
Barbara Gaskell

She hears the whisper of a voice, a voice that is possibly sinister.  Ever since childhood, Molly has heard and seen things in her mind that she doesn't understand. Visions of a time long ago that seem dark, people who are poverty stricken, and that live in a troubled era.

Sumerford's Autumn
Barbara Gaskell

It is the end of the 15th century, King Henry VII is fighting desperately to retain his throne against one who calls himself Richard Plantagenet. Among those subjects, the Earl of Sumerford’s four sons struggle to make their mark, choose their side and stand their ground.


Kennedy Plain is a sleep disorder specialist.  She is also dying of a brain tumor, which puts her life’s work at risk as she races to finish before it’s too late.  One of her subjects is also dying and insists the dreams he experiences are real and not the consequence of sleep deprivation. He claims he is actually traveling back in time and begs her to consider the possibility.