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Mossad Agent Cyrus Hassani recently saved his wife and young daughter and is now enjoying several weeks' leave of absence, when the phone rings. It is his boss recalling him on urgent business. One of their agents, Aryeh, has turned up missing and with him is a king’s ransom in diamonds. Aryeh is trying to get his nephew, Gideon Reise, released from Hezbollah.
Lauren E.

In front of her audience at Carnegie Hall, Alexandria Mickelson-Fitch does everything as coached — perfect smile, perfect bow, and perfect walk to the grand piano. She plays beautifully, until after missing one note she tragically enters a tailspin of errors until she quits and runs offstage. Her father, Hugh, is furious and humiliated.

Sally York was born with a shortened right arm with only two fused fingers. She speaks with a terrible stutter. She has been bullied her entire life by everyone, but especially by her older sister, Faye. DEA Agent Nathan Moon is on assignment to determine if Sally is involved in a drug ring. Under cover of night, he looks through her green house and office but finds nothing.

Autry Hill’s parents bet the family home he is too wild to remain dateless and chaste for six months. He thinks he will win easily until he meets Beth Cooper. They went to school together, but he never noticed Beth because he thought her sisters were prettier. Now Beth is full-grown, beautiful and has entrancing blue eyes.

Columba deMorney does everything to keep body and soul together since the death of her mother. The local lord’s son, George Stalworth, is doing everything he can to sabotage her business, and her only recourse is to marry him. She knows he does not love her; he just wants to use her to get to her wealthy French relatives, one of whom is a duke.