Reviews - Contemporary

Country Gold

Lexi Wilder and her sisters were country music darlings until a scandal marred their squeaky -clean image.  Ironically, as Lexi’s career falters, her boyfriend Luke Wyatt hits the big time, with a song they wrote together. While Luke is basking in the spotlight, Lexi returns home to run her grandmother’s bed and breakfast, but Lexi isn’t sure how much longer they can keep the place running.

Elle Foster has three rules: don’t date, don't sleep with the boss, and don't believe in happily ever afters. When Elle left Welcome pregnant and broke, the last thing she wanted to do was return years later — still broke, but now with four children. Logan Hughes remembers Elle from their younger years when she was the high schooler with a bad rep.

After serving four tours in the Middle East, Christian Wolfe returns to Laguna to live a civilian life. Unfortunately, he did not come home unscathed. He has PTSD that he prefers not to acknowledge, as he sees it as a weakness. Not even his best friends know his secret. Kelly Prescott hates working for her father’s law firm. She resigns and her father disowns her.

Fireball and Fiascos

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  When Harper and Denae meet, the girls know they are meant to be best friends. They even coin a word for the way they feel– flovers. Meaning they are friends who love each other, but they are both really into men. Harper gets involved with Kalil, a tall, dark, handsome man who seems to truly care for her. They spend their free time together and Harper falls for Kalil.

Educating Blaine

Blaine has grown up with a silver spoon in her mouth, not completely tuned into how normal people live, and in just a year she’s going to receive control of her trust fund. However, her grandfather feels she’s unprepared to have responsibility for such large sums of money, so he decides to send her into the land of budgeting and working.