Reviews - Contemporary

Clinging to the Stars

Brendon Roth has big plans to leave his mundane life in Boston and travel in search of adventure. His plans come to an end when his mother is rushed to emergency, and he must stay to help with the family restaurant. He meets Olivia Price by chance and begins to feel like his luck may have changed for the better.

Just Right

Preparing to start over after losing her chair in the orchestra, Avery, a tuba player, is spending the holidays helping out friends in need. Gator takes a leave of absence as a forest ranger in order to return to his home town to help out his ailing mother during the holidays.

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Haleigh Parde is content with her life.  She has a great job teaching math, a dog, a house and, although it does not bother her, she is single. Then the invitation to her high school reunion arrives.  Now faced with prospect of seeing her ex once more, Haleigh is desperate to find a date.

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  CJ Evans has started over. She used to be Candace (Candy to her ex-fiancé). Her home-based business of selling essential oils is blossoming (no pun intended!). A near-fling with a new guy named Dylan, while on vacation in Florida, is showing signs of promise. He and a friend want to go into business with her.

Rio is an identical twin—but she has broken ties with her sister, whose problems outnumber her qualities. Rio’s trying hard to climb the ladder in her job as graphic designer at an advertising agency. She is thrilled when, after fighting for the right, she is chosen to present her design in person to the client. Rio is tough, determined . . .