Reviews - Contemporary

When Lauren Walsh returned to her hometown of Masonville, North Dakota, she expected it to be as a newly single woman, not a new widow.

Mitch Abram’s life has spiraled out of control since the death of his wife, Eve, left him with three young girls to raise, as well as a household and business to run. He’s drowning under all the disarray and pressure. Abigail Jamieson’s life was shattered when her husband left her a year ago, taking their young daughter. Sadly, they both died in a car accident, leaving her in pieces.

Winner Takes All

Storm Thompson had it rough while growing up. Sheltered Colleen Gardner had her daddy’s money, but little else. Storm and Colleen were best friends, until the night before graduation when Colleen shattered Storm’s trust. Now they are both grown up, changed people, and back in Liberty Ridge to compete for one million dollars.

Lucille is an undercover PR agent for celebrities who are causing havoc – when they screw up, Lucille is there to cover it up, or spin the tale in such a way the screw-up suddenly seems like the best move they’ve ever made. Lucille is excellent at her job, but even with her impressive skills, the case Michel Polce approaches her with might be too much to handle.

Hitching the Pitcher
Rebecca Connolly, Sophia Summers,
Heather B. Moore

Sawyer Bennett is one of the original Belltown six pack and is proud to have made it in the major leagues, but he didn’t come by his baseball career without sacrifices. When he gets in touch by chance with his old college sweetheart, Erica Moore, he is reminded of just how many sacrifices he has had to make, including losing her.