Reviews - Contemporary

Michael Vilander is a billionaire and CEO of a dating website. When a charity event pops up, he seems to be in need of a date. To solve the problem, he uses his own website and creates a made-up profile to find a date. He comes across a woman named Sophia. He does not know much about her but she intrigues him. She agrees to go out with him and they hit it off.

Drake Rosen finally finds Bethany after fifteen years of searching. Bethany Brooke, after being left to fend for herself, discovers that the boy she loved is now a man, and despite everything that happened, she now craves that man.

The Sculptor (Epitaph Book 6)

Magazine writer Maggie Grant is minding her own business, reading in a cemetery when a man calls out to her.  After realizing he had mistaken Maggie for his sister, monument sculptor Thad Benson returns to his workshop.  On his way, he stops to say a few words at a grave and leave a fingertip kiss on the stone as he walks away.  This private moment captures Maggie’s heart and imagination.  Insp

Serena Lewis is excited to be moving back to Cherry Springs.

Fresh Start

COMEDY:  After the death of her father, wanting to escape, Miranda takes off in her sister Wendy’s car.  1600 miles from home, she finds herself abandoned in a rundown motel in Albuquerque with no means of escape.  With no other options, Miranda knows the only way to get out is to tackle the to-do list Wendy gave her.  What begins as a means to get home soon becomes a driving force in Miranda’s