Reviews - Contemporary

A Novel Proposal
E. E.

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Annalise “Lisee” Ownings hired on at Evan Andrews publishing house as a manuscript editor. Almost immediately, Annalise and Even develop a strong friendship, which lasts for months, until it reaches the point where Annalise wants something more from Evan. Believing he is content to remain only friends, she leaves his employ, to escape daily contact with what she cannot have.

Will Rise From Ashes
Jean M.

WOMEN'S FICTION:  AJ anxiously awaits news of her brother and youngest son’s flight home from Yellowstone, but the information she receives is the last she ever expected to hear. Yellowstone volcano is erupting, wiping complete states off the map in the process, and AJ cannot get in touch with her brother.

Sandra Kelly is the kind of person everyone loves to hate – she will do whatever it takes to get whatever she wants. That’s a quality that can be very helpful in her job as a local news reporter, but it also has a few downsides. One of them is that she never knows when to quit.

Trick’s Trap

Handsome and wealthy, world class poker player Patrick Tyler meets his match in more ways than one after losing to Tahlia in an underground poker game. Patrick is so intrigued by the mysterious beauty, he’s not even mad that he lost. But as mysteriously as Tahlia enters his life, she exits it, leaving him wanting more.

The Last Dance

Ambri and Henry are friends—best friends. Almost like close siblings, they talk nearly every day. Their friendship endures even when Henry falls in love with and marries Ambri’s older sister, Rory. Then tragically, cancer claims Rory’s life. Turning to each other for comfort, Ambri and Henry become lovers.