Reviews - Contemporary

WESTERN:  Katherine Adams has every detail of her escape from her subdued life on Ruby’s Ranch lined out, but she finds herself torn between her dreams and desires when a handsome horse whisperer rides into town. From the first moment he saw Katherine, he was drawn to her but he has ghosts in his past that could ruin his chances at capturing her heart.

Tamera watches her ex-boyfriend marry her sister and ends up feeling miserable. She finally gets the chance to leave and goes to work out in the hotel gym where she meets Wyatt James, the offensive lineman for the San Antonio Vigilantes. Tamera can’t believe it and figures it is a one time thing. However, when she gets back to L.A., she meets Wyatt again.

Hope Windward is working at the Happy Clam Family Restaurant when suddenly her past comes back to haunt her—the past being Cameron Smithfield. Oh yes, Hope knows who Cameron is, a convicted felon who was in jail for a crime. Hope can never forget that Cameron killed her daughter’s father, Cameron’s brother Justin.

Chloe MacGregor is an artist at heart, struggling out of a toxic relationship with an ex and all the baggage that comes with it. She’s almost settled into life without Chris when he suddenly shows up days after her restraining order expires. Prince Charming with a James Bond feel comes to her rescue.

Celebrity Status

Elizabeth Stanfield is an actress who has fame, fortune, and a glittering lifestyle full of parties, a hot fiancé, and a best friend who produces and directs movies; but not all that glitters is gold. Her best friend, Billy Stone, also dabbles with the local organized crime, her fiancé isn’t being faithful, and the studio head and director of her latest movie are determined to see her fall.