Reviews - Contemporary

Major Royce “Roy” Brewster screwed up, and he knows it. Allowing his PTSD to drive him to drink has nearly cost him his family. As the holidays roll around, he attempts to reconcile with his wife. Unfortunately, his past behavior and the difficulties of military life have made Caro Brewster wary of allowing him back into her life.

First in a series featuring women business owners of Nestled Hollow. Whitney Brennan’s the owner of the town’s newspaper. While she appears to be outgoing, fun-loving, and the town’s unofficial cheerleader, inside she is hiding her secret hurt.

Broken Promises

When Sam Fleischer walks into the Delectable Delights coffee shop in Serenity Bay looking for a job as a barista, she doesn’t expect to see someone from her past, Jon “Erik” Erikkson. Sam wants to escape from her old life and an abusive marriage by going to Serenity.


Blake Steele is on mandatory leave from his Firehouse. He has been throwing himself into his work since a horrible tragedy took the life of his sister ten years prior. He is very involved in the community through his motorcycle club. When a new neighbor moves in, he has a new focus and appreciates the distraction.

A reunion with an ex-boyfriend has attorney Lillian Walker tied up in knots. Richard “Rik” Bryant, also an attorney, did Lillian wrong back in college. He insisted their relationship be kept a secret. And why? He ended it by announcing his engagement—to somebody else. Now, years later, he’s separated from his wife and discovers Lillian is in town.