Wicked Dance (Chronicles of a Dancing Heart #1)


Sara is late to work again and her favorite local coffee house is now closed for renovations. Now what? She cannot possibly face the evil boss she works for without her morning jolt. She locates another coffee shop on her way and on her way in makes a stumbling fool of herself. Then she sees the most beautiful set of olive-colored eyes. Whoa! Heart-stopping electricity passes over Sara. He orders an iced double, and she will never forget him. 

Tom Wright is the green-eyed, sharp-dressed executive talking on his phone, grabbing his coffee and is out the door. Mr. Iced Double notices Sara, makes sure she's ok and is on his way again, out onto the crowded New York sidewalk. He is both a man of mystery and drop dead gorgeous. Can Sara find her way to him again, introduce herself and see what lies ahead? They both have been through many soul-damaging experiences. Will they have what it takes to love and live.

Damsel in distress calling knight in shining armor! Mr. Wright to the rescue! Ms. Boothe is a first-time author and has a truly compelling steamy romance with “Wicked Dance”. The main characters have depth and mystery. The supporting cast and sub plots round out the story fantastically. Although "Wicked Dance" has a not-uncommon "damaged rich male/struggling female" storyline, it is written so readers will laugh, cry and want to punch a certain Russian. A wonderful ending will have readers hoping for a continuation, eager for more of Sara and Tom’s story.

Viola Robins