When a Star Falls (Stars Book 1)


ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Ruby Harkwad, is a talented songwriter. She meets Collin Moore, a true rocket scientist, when he sub-teaches her physics class. Their attraction is instant. When Collin posts a video of Ruby on line, it catches the eye of a major record label. Ruby is offered a recording contract. Soon they both have the world by the tail as their own individual careers take off. eThey are climbing their ladders of success, without much time for each other and their romance. Eccentric coworkers, a tempting backup singer, and Collin's cunning personal assistant (who is trying to steal him away), are just a few of the surprising pitfalls of being the next big star that plague Ruby. Soon she will have to decide what matters more: seeing her name in lights and life on stage, or giving it all up to keep Collin in her life. 

The road to musical stardom is bumpy and full of surprises, especially with a major record label calling the shots and pulling to strings to remake Ruby into a music legend fitting their brand and expectations. Ruby is  soon to learn the musical wonders of the world have a tribe of individuals pushing from behind. 

This is an entertaining book, albeit fast paced. The development of Ruby and Collin’s romance seems a little rushed.  There were approximately six grammatical errors of missing words, letters, or punctuation. The unexpected love triangle Ruby finds herself caught in adds depth to the story.  This is an engaging, clean romance that will make the reader both chuckle and scream. Collin is  close to the perfect boyfriend so picking between him and stardom is a tough choice.

Emerson Matthews