Under the Sicilian Sky (Daring to Love Again #1)


Matteo Vanni doesn’t remember his life before he washed up on a Tunisian beach six years ago. With no ties to his past other than a wedding ring, he becomes a successful and wealthy entrepreneur free to make his own choices, until a knock on the head brings back some of his memories — including that of his wife, Bella back in Sicily. Unfortunately, Matteo’s return is hardly triumphant, as Bella has become successful without him and is full of suspicion and hurt. To win back his wife, Matteo must stay and revive the passion between them, but Bella Vanni has no intention of going back to her old life. Furthermore, Matteo is a murder suspect and his return opens up a criminal investigation certain people would prefer closed. Will Bella and Matteo give love a second chance or will the past and its ghosts separate them for good?

A contemporary romance set in an exotic backdrop, “Under the Sicilian Sky” is the first book in the Daring to Love Again series and takes on a marriage in complete disarray after Matteo’s six years of amnesia and separation. While the beginning feels clichéd and predictable, the smoldering passion between the two and the different lifestyles they lead provide plenty of tension and differences to drive the story. Further, the action and danger surrounding his disappearance speeds up the ending and keeps the reader involved until the last page. Overall, this is a wild romance!

Sarah E Bradley