Two Last First Dates


CHICK-LIT/ROMANTIC COMEDY:  After suffering the heartbreak of learning her love loves her best friend, Paige finds herself simply going through the motions of life and work. Living with her father with no forward progression, she makes the impulsive decision to quit her job, to be free of something she believes is holding her back. Meanwhile, her friends have taken it upon themselves to find her a last first date — the man she will marry. She agrees to help at her friend’s café and quickly finds herself at the mercy of her own hormones, friends, and fate. She is also discovering that sometimes the heart is wiser than the mind, and she should follow its advice. 

A sweet, light-hearted look at the power of believing and listening to the heart’s desires, "Two Last First Dates" is full of good friends, handsome men, heartbreak, and self-discovery. The plot is remarkably predictable, but the golden writing still entices the reader. However, the gold does have a couple imperfections, such as repeating descriptions several times, the point of view changing randomly, and the protagonist acting as though she is a middle-schooler. This is the second in a series; however, it can be read by itself with no confusion as to what is happening or the lead up events. Most of the people are genuine and complex; those who are not written to show depth seem to be that way on purpose. Between the delightful ending, the well-executed storyline, and the way the audience is propelled through the emotions of a confused young woman, this book manages to become like a movie, playing in the mind of one who reads it. 

Yannie Sorensen