Time for Us (Our Time for Love Book 2)


Tiba has always loved Max but when he chose Gemma, she kept her feelings secret. Years later, after an abusive marriage, Tiba finds herself once again in Max’s circle. However, this time Max is not with Gemma. As far as Tiba knows, Max still pines for Gemma until one night a secret kiss gives her hope that Max may finally be ready to move on — with her. Still, a dark secret still threatens their hope for happiness. Can a tragic accident be the catalyst for their love? Tiba must find the strength to overcome the past and help Max in the present if their love is to have a chance.

“Time for Us” is a nicely written contemporary romance that will satisfy fans of the genre.  The biggest obstacle to Max and Tiba’s romance seems to be the fact that Max holds on stubbornly to a marriage that has not existed for some time. Ms. Kaye does a nice job building a believable story line that allows the characters to move into a relationship. Suspense builds for the reader as the author reveals glimpses into Tiba’s past, which explain her behavior and add to her complexity. At times the story’s plot twists a result of misunderstandings/miscommunications contrived to propel a stalled story arc and the ending is predictable and simplistic. Nevertheless, “Time for Us" is a great Sunday afternoon read.

Gwenellen Tarbet