Sworn to Forget (Sworn Sisters #1)


Nicki Reading, star director of a major music label, confidently calls all the shots including who she dates and with no strings attached. However, loneliness flickers beneath the surface — her past has proven that love only leads to pain.  Caring and generous, prosperous CPA Dex Hanover wears his paternal yearnings on his sleeve, and he is ready for commitment. Together they ignite each other’s passions, but their opposing views and events from their past challenge their relationship.

This romance is heartfelt, with realistic qualities that will ensure readers are emotionally caught up in the steadily paced and smooth-flowing plot. Nicki and Dex are two captivating characters with strong personalities that readers can easily relate to, which guarantees that one will not only empathize with these characters, but that they get caught up in the ups and downs of their heartfelt relationship. Readers will not be able to keep from tearing up during some of the intense feelings portrayed by Nicki during quite a few events that change the course of her present love life and feelings toward Dex. The time covered during this romance adds to the “realism” of the relationship, but at the same, some readers may feel that Nicki is a bit too emotional and overdone because of all the events that take place during this time.  “Sworn to Forget” is a compelling read that captures readers’ hearts and despite the emotional roller coaster, provides a delightful happily ever after!

E.L. Hurley