Reviews - Contemporary

Just A Name

CHICK-LIT:  Holly Murphy has a plan for everything, including her relationships and her career. Having her management style questioned before a promotion, her boss demanding she take a vacation, and her fiancé breaking their engagement just a couple months shy of their wedding is NOT part of the plan.

Life in the Moments
Laura Lee

Life is made up of moments and experiences; good, bad, wonderful, and terrible. When Beau and Amelia are confronted by one of the worst situations anyone could ever face, they must decide not only how to battle the cancer that now ravages Amelia’s body but how to overcome the mental strain as well.

Hope for the Future

In order to avoid match making attempts, Craig wants Karin to attend a family gathering with him over the weekend. When her boss requests that Karin pose as his fiancée, the job seems simple enough and Karin could really use the thousand dollars.

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Sara is 100% done with men, and Travis has never had luck with the ladies. Sara has her hands full with raising her son, owning a business, and facing the ghosts of her past. Investing in another man is bound to end in disappointment.

Olivia James and Zach Ryder grew up in a small town and fell in love in high school. But Olivia’s love for dance whisked her off to a Chicago stage and fame as a professional ballerina. Seventeen years have passed, and Olivia has come home to settle her mother’s estate.