Summer in San Remo


Cassie Travers has built a life far away from her teenage love, Jake McQuire. Her concierge service keeps her occupied and is doing well until the man she is dating decides to steal everything from her. Struggling to keep her business open, Cassie takes on an unusual assignment for a client and inadvertently finds herself staring into the eyes of her old flame, Jake. The assignment takes them on a whirlwind trip to the Italian Riviera where Cassie discovers that her love for Jake never truly died. Jake pulls no punches as he works to get Cassie back into his life and his bed. A hidden secret, however, could be the final straw breaking their relationship forever. 

“Summer in San Remo” is a funny, witty, charming love story between the characters of Cassie Travers and Jake McQuire. The story keeps the reader entertained and laughing out loud. Throughout the story, however, the author does not transition well between scenes resulting in confusion while reading. The characters are enjoyable and humorous. Be that as it may, since this is a second chance romance, their past relationship could be explored more in-depth in order to allow the reader to connect with Cassie and Jake on a more intimate level. Overall, Evonne Wareham’s “Summer in San Remo” is a delightful read that should be pleasing to most readers. 

Tina Donovan