Sticks and Stones


Reese Kennedy has many secrets, including her name. When she is invited to a high school reunion, she decides to hire an escort to go with her, hiring Hunter to act to be her fake fiancé. It is her way of combating the fact that she will meet the person who bullied her in high school.  Hunter has his own issues to deal with after losing his job; he needs to take this escort job to make ends meet. At the reunion, he and Reese's feelings for one another deepen. However, with secrets between them, their names included, will their connection be able to deepen, or will they be destined to spend the rest of their lives alone?

“Sticks and Stones” is a very emotional read that takes on the subject of bullying. Reese is a woman who has been through hell and she has to face it all again. Hunter is her way of coping with the situation. The plot moves at a brisk pace however there are some real world issues covered in this book and it may be able to help readers who are going through the similar thing. The characters are well portrayed and readers will be able to relate to them. It is rare to get a book that covers such an emotive issue and cover it well. Rachael Brownell has succeeded beautifullyin this. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick