Blake Steele is on mandatory leave from his Firehouse. He has been throwing himself into his work since a horrible tragedy took the life of his sister ten years prior. He is very involved in the community through his motorcycle club. When a new neighbor moves in, he has a new focus and appreciates the distraction. Mary and her son are now his neighbors, and he feels a duty to look out for them and help them get settled. He knows that Mary has a loser of a husband currently in jail and feels the need and the desire to step in to spend time with her son. The attraction he feels for Mary is something he cannot refuse, but Mary needs to keep things on the up and up if she wants to keep custody of her son. When Mary’s husband gets early parole, the whole town feels it.

Ms. Bevan has written an amazing contemporary romance with thrilling and suspenseful scenarios. This book is part of a series but very much stands alone. The twist of the ‘do good’ motorcycle club is a pleasant addition. Although the couple’s relationship is not a unique one, the surrounding story is creative and inventive. There is some predictability and slight angst between the hero and heroine, but these flaws are redeemed by the suspense of what the villain is up to and how the story plays out. The ending is satisfying, and readers will surely look for more books by this author!

Viola Robins