Start Your Engines (Racing Hearts #1)


Brad Thomas’ racing team needs a new driver and much to his dismay, the boss chooses Gabrielle Marquez. Gabrielle was the cause of a crash ten years before that killed Brad's best friend and caused him severe injuries, ending his racing career. Gabrielle knows that getting Brad to trust her again will not be easy, but as their professional relationship begins to improve, their mutual feelings for one another resurface. Someone is sabotaging races and it could cause Brad's team to lose the title. Gabrielle has the chance any driver would take in a heartbeat, but she has to choose between her career or her rekindled feelings for Brad. 

Jim Cangany has written a very sweet story with the excitement of racing and the added bonus of mystery. The plot is a rekindling of old romance set in the daring world of motor racing, and the author has clearly done his research. There is a perfect blend of facts and story. A lot of "will they, won't they" adds to the page-turning nature of this book as well as wondering who is sabotaging races. This is a great book and it will be exciting to read other books by this author. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick