Slow Dancing (Second Chances #4)


Drake Rosen finally finds Bethany after fifteen years of searching. Bethany Brooke, after being left to fend for herself, discovers that the boy she loved is now a man, and despite everything that happened, she now craves that man. As if giving the love that was denied them a chance isn’t hard enough, someone is working to pull them apart, and Bethany has a secret that she knows is the ultimate betrayal, one that will break Drake’s heart.

This heart-tugging romance grabs readers and keeps their full attention with a strong hero and heroine and lots of heart-felt emotional turmoil. Romance and passion tangle with suspense, secrets being kept, and someone from the past doing his best to destroy them both. Bethany and Drake are highly relatable characters, and readers can easily understand their motivations regarding their relationship and the decisions they make. The story moves steadily and occasionally shifts into high gear.  A few grammatical errors, including missing words that change the context of some sentences, detract at times, but otherwise any errors are minor and easily overlooked. The author does a great job of making her characters come to life and setting the mood of the story. Readers will definitely get caught up in this couple’s story, which includes some emotionally sensitive subjects. “Slow Dancing” will have readers cheering this couple forward as they reach for their happily ever after.

E.L. Hurley