Secret Desires


Margo could really use the tidy sum her uncle bequeathed her, but before she can take charge of the funds, she is required to get a teaching job.  In the meantime, she seeks advice from Edward, an investment banker recommended by her attorney.  When Edward lost his wife to cancer, he was sure he would never fall in love again… until Margo walked into his office. Despite his attraction to Margo, he is reluctant to let go of his wife’s memory.  While Margo works out her relationship woes, she puts in an application to become the legal guardian of Katya, the little girl she has been tutoring. Can Edward find a place somewhere in Margo’s busy life? 

 “Secret Desires” is a sexy May-December romance! This novel explores the poignant theme of learning to love again after tragedy strikes. It is also about emotional growth and second chances. Margo and Edward have an immediate reaction to each other, which is a little too close to the dreaded ‘Instant-love’ for comfort. Margo seems more focused on the physical aspects of the relationship, behaving like a hormonal teenager.  Meanwhile, Edward is coping with painful issues like grief and guilt. Margo’s impatience seems petulant, but one can also sympathize with her feelings of humiliation. However, readers will see these characters grow individually and as a couple, as the story progresses. Katya’s storyline is well done, adding more depth to the story.  Overall, the author shows promise, and one will look forward to watching her talent develop.

Julie Whiteley