Reviews - Contemporary

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Three 80+-year-old women travel to Las Vegas for a bachelorette party to celebrate the upcoming nuptials for one of the three.  They wear matching clothes, tiaras, and sashes.  There are two additional women in their party:  a mother and daughter who are related to one of the women, and who are there to keep the octogenarians ‘in line.’  While one of the younger women is check

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  This novella begins with the death of protagonist Kitty Eatin, her real name.  Kitty, a former stripper, now owns a studio teaching fitness routines using a stripper pole.

Charming the Shortstop
Heather B. Moore, Rebecca Connelly,
Sophia Summers

ANTHOLOGY:  Brighton West is a flight attendant on the plane that Axel Diaz, professional baseball player, takes to get home for a friend’s wedding.  Axel and Brighton meet on the plane and there is an attraction, but Axel knows he’ll never see her again, so he doesn’t get to know her.  However, she is also the flight attendant on his next connecting flight, and they do get the chance to talk. 

Autry Hill’s parents bet the family home he is too wild to remain dateless and chaste for six months. He thinks he will win easily until he meets Beth Cooper. They went to school together, but he never noticed Beth because he thought her sisters were prettier. Now Beth is full-grown, beautiful and has entrancing blue eyes.

A Novel Proposal
E. E.

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Annalise “Lisee” Ownings hired on at Evan Andrews publishing house as a manuscript editor. Almost immediately, Annalise and Even develop a strong friendship, which lasts for months, until it reaches the point where Annalise wants something more from Evan. Believing he is content to remain only friends, she leaves his employ, to escape daily contact with what she cannot have.