Risking it


Jane the librarian is given a challenge by her best friend Claire. She’s taking time off work and taking a road trip north through the sights and scenes of Florida and ending in Atlanta. She is to document her trip in a journal and include photos to prove she’s hit all the allocated spots. Claire is attempting to help Jane purge a guy from her system who Jane thought she had a connection with a few months ago. Jane learned he’s a player and things ended as quickly as they started.

Aiden owns a bar and needs to get to his hurling tournament in Atlanta. The cards are stacked against him, though, because he needs transportation but with his shoestring budget there are not many options. His luck changes when he spots Jane at a service station headed out of town. Now is his chance to make another move and find out why she never contacted him after their first meeting.

“Risking It” is an entertaining read from the first line. Ms. Quarles has created an interesting challenge with the road trip Jane must take. Aiden, the reason for the trip, ends up too coincidentally always popping up. Readers may find it a bit unbelievable. More history of Jane and her upbringing may assist readers to embrace her personality. Even so, “Risking It” is a humorous read with plenty of sparks and a second chance at love after some miscommunications. The alternating points of view are done well. Getting a glimpse from both sides always moves the story along. A pleasant, quick and comedic read!

Viola Robins