Riding Blind (Hell Ryders MC #3)


Bryce “Ripper” Knight is a man  used to getting what he wants, doing as he pleases and having no questions asked. That was the case at least, until he met Em, and then nothing was ever the same. She was a woman used to the biker lifestyle, a woman not afraid to stand up on her own two feet. However, as soon as he realized he was in love with her, Em disappeared, not to be found for another seven years.

Once he finds her, however, they are not exactly reuniting under happy circumstances. Em’s cousin Chip is stuck in a coma after being shot several times. There is no doubt the men after him will be coming for Em, too. With no other option, Bryce goes in search of the woman who broke his heart, only to find  her and a piece of himself, as well.

“Riding Blind” is a quick read for a summer afternoon. The story is not lacking in action, especially considering it is a motorcycle club novel. There are definitely some plot twists, lots of drama. The foundation is also there for a few interesting relationships. Despite all of this, the execution is poor. The reader is not given a chance to become invested in the characters because the action happens immediately and the interaction between the two leads is initially limited. There is not much build up or suspense which leaves the story lacking in intrigue. Holding many clichés of MC romances, “Riding Blind” doesn't offer much in the way of new twists to keep it interesting. The novel is perfect for readers who like motorcycle tropes and kick butt alpha male characters. 

Jacey Lee