Carly Mitchell returns home to her small town on the Yorkshire moors just in time for the New Year. She has several apologies to make —she fled abruptly, leaving her bridegroom and friends wondering what the hell was going on. What starts as a short visit soon changes, however, as Carly agrees to stay a little longer. She certainly did not intend to fall in love with the very handsome and mysterious Dr. Ben Thornton. Tensions reach breaking point and Carly is left wondering if she should just leave once more and never return. However, she is determined not to be that woman again. What will her decision be?

Readers will not be able to put this book down from the second they start. There are many dynamic characters, some good and some bad. The plot is a page-turner and readers will love every moment of Carly's journey. Ben is a sexy-as-sin doctor who no one knows much about, however when he and Carly get together, the fireworks begin. The love scenes are not only sexy, but they are beautifully descriptive. Carol Warham obviously knows Yorkshire well and her descriptions of the area will have readers feeling that they are really there with Carly and Ben. This book paves the way for Carol Warham and readers will be keen to read more of her work. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick