Polish to Perfection

Rachel W.

Classical pianist and perfectionist Ella Craig is on the verge of a breakdown. Returning home to San Francisco for the first time since the death of her beloved parents, she hopes to keep the true nature of her exhaustion from her loving, quirky family. The jig is up however, when she collapses at the end of a concert. Now she’s forced to stay, recover, and finally face the grief she’s spent so long avoiding. Falling in love isn’t part of the plan… but could it be?

Surgeon Jackson Hart relocated to San Francisco from Atlanta after the death of his beloved wife. He never thought he could love again… until he met beautiful, vivacious Ella Craig. But when his elderly grandfather suffers a heart attack, Jackson realizes that he needs to consider going home. But how can he leave Ella behind?

Ms. Jones’ gentle love story is touching, heartfelt, and the perfect escape. Jackson and Ella are likeable, intelligent leads with a genuine chemistry, and the strong supporting cast brings their romance into sharp focus. It’s not just about their relationship, however: it’s about discovering what is truly important in life. Some of the decisions and plot twists feel abrupt and almost forced, but the balance of the story is strong and will leave the reader wishing for a continuation with the side characters. Lovers of Hallmark movies will especially enjoy this outing.

Janice Martin