The Party Crasher


Event Planner Kit O’Hare is trying to prove to her father, her new boss, and herself that she’s more than just the party girl she used to be. But when an unfortunate accident while playing the Easter bunny lands her, not only on the hottest guy at the town’s Easter celebration, but in the celebration cake in front of the mayor and his wife as well, she can kiss her career plans goodbye.

Brant Fuller has other ideas. Smitten with the woman behind the Easter Bunny mask, he makes an instant decision: he hires Kit to help him plan the launch of his new tavern. But Brant hasn’t been totally honest with Kit and his secret may be the undoing of their burgeoning relationship. When the truth is revealed, will love be able to withstand it?

Ms. Bevan’s story is short, sweet, and funny. Strangers at the start, Brant and Kit fall for each other fast and hard, yet it’s a believable progression (credit to Ms. Bevans, for this is tricky to do in a novella of this length). The support characters, especially Brant’s man-crazy cousin, are strong enough to make the reader hope there’s a series in store. The humor falls a little flat in some places and the family drama, which was interesting and complicated in the beginning, clears up a little too easily. Nevertheless, this novella is a sweet treat that will keep the reader entertained and wishing they could visit Fuller’s Tavern.

Janice Martin