Par for Cinderella


“Par for Cinderella” tells the story of billionaire Aidan Cross whose yacht happens to break down near Cypress Key, Florida, where he meets Casey and her Uncle Frank. The two of them own a struggling boat tour business and golf course, and if Aidan builds the golf resort he intends to build, Casey will have to close doors, without a doubt. But the longer Aidan stays in town, the more he feels drawn toward Casey…. And the more danger he finds himself in, as it turns out the mayor of Cypress Keys has been making more than one shady business deal, and Casey may be his next target. 

“Par for Cinderella” is really nothing at all like the Cinderella fairytale. The plot is vastly different, and rather unlike a fairytale with fantasy elements or even a fairy godmother. Rather the opposite, it’s a contemporary romance with some good elements and some could-have-been-better elements. While the characters are okay, none of them are extraordinary, not even Casey or Aidan, the main characters. In fact, they’re more like run-of-the-mill contemporary romance characters, more trope than actual person, and this makes the entire book seem rather dull. Had the characters been more unique, the book could’ve been much better. The story too is interesting, but predictable, and the plot is far from unique or original. Overall, this is a decent, fast-paced contemporary romance read. 

Majanka Verstraete