One Unforgettable Friday (English Village Series Book 3) 


Lizzie York has had a rough few years after being permanently injured in a car accident and becoming fully dependent on her elder brother. She wishes to regain some of her independence and signs a teaching contract at a new school in town, and moves into an on-campus cottage. Suddenly, her brother’s old schoolmate, Peter Barrington, shows up in town and they feel an instant connection. Lizzie has not dated since before her accident, and wonders if Peter can handle a woman in a wheelchair. When she discovers that Peter is also living on campus and interested in her romantically, life gets interesting…until a mysterious person attempts to sabotage her, hoping to ruin all of Lizzie’s plans for a new life and relationship. 

This story is unique, as it focuses on a woman with a disability. Lizzie is damaged emotionally and struggles physically, making her a heroine a reader can really root for. On the hunt for a better life, Lizzie is determined to gain independence, perhaps to a fault. Peter is a very likable character with his own damage, making him also very relatable. In her pursuit of independence, Lizzie seems to be overly stubborn at times, making decisions that seem irrational or unnecessary, hurting others, and putting herself in danger. At times, the story moves slowly, and the climax with the antagonist felt easily avoidable with better communication. This story has lots of heart and one can only hope for Lizzie and Peter to find a happy ending! 

Dahlia Gosney