Nothing but Trouble (Irresistible Billionaires Book 1)



Michael Vilander is a billionaire and CEO of a dating website. When a charity event pops up, he seems to be in need of a date. To solve the problem, he uses his own website and creates a made-up profile to find a date. He comes across a woman named Sophia. He does not know much about her but she intrigues him. She agrees to go out with him and they hit it off. When Michael’s ex comes up to them, Sophia pretends they are engaged to scare her off. However, with Michael’s high-class profile, they need to keep up the charade. That is, until he discovers what she does for a living. Will Michael be able to put aside his distrust of women and open up to Sophia? 

The chemistry between Michael and Sophia is off the charts! They make a great couple, which is why Michael’s lack of trust in Sophia is so disappointing. Michael needs a little more development throughout the story and the overall story could have benefited from more showing and less telling. However, Sophia is absolutely wonderful! She works hard to better herself and will do whatever it takes to take care of her family. Family is such an important aspect to both of them and is a big factor in regards to their decisions. Some scenes are a little slow and some of their reactions seem a little out of character at times. The dialogue is fantastic; it is witty and sarcastic, which makes this a fun read. If you are looking for a sexy, modern-day Cinderella story, then this is it! 

Amanda Hupe