Not in the Plans (In the Garden #3)


Adelyn is an expert planner. Making lists comes as naturally as breathing. Unfortunately, finding a man that meets the requirements on her "to marry" list is proving more difficult than expected. Although Adelyn is certain her list will help her find Mr. Right, her friends are less confident. Jason has been in love with Adelyn since he returned from his final deployment with the Army, but Adelyn has firmly slotted him as her friend’s helpful big brother and nothing more. While Adelyn takes on planning and carrying out her friend’s weddings Jason steps in to help. Can he get Adelyn to recognize that he fits her list perfectly or will Adelyn find love elsewhere?

A sweet contemporary romance, “Not in the Plans” is the third book of  Ms. Tullis’ In the Garden series. Picking up shortly after the previous book, Adelyn is getting her own shot at love, but missing the mark. A slight love triangle provides conflict in the tale, but most of the focus is on Jason’s attempts to win Adelyn while she’s oblivious. While the story isn’t new or surprising, and the ending is predictable, lovers of contemporary romance will enjoy this tale as the pace is steady, characters are well suited, and the romance is so sweet and fluffy this book will brighten the day.

Sarah E Bradley