My Perfect Ex-Boyfriend


For a single mom on the edge of poverty, a chance for a vacation doesn’t come along often so Bailey jumps at a chance to join her father and his fiancée at her soon-to-be stepbrother’s cabin.  Unfortunately, her dreams of a relaxing week are crushed when she realizes that her host is none other than her ex, Noah Walsh. From the outside, it appears that Noah has made full recovery from the tragedy that drove him and Bailey apart, but looks can be deceiving and there is a very fine line between love and hate. 

Bailey has had a very rough road in life.  After watching her mother battle breast cancer four times, her heartbreak with Noah and then a failed marriage that leaves her a single mom, it would be easy to think that Bailey would be bitter about her lot in life, but she is not.  Bailey looks on the bright side of her situation even when Noah and his mother show her nothing but contempt and resentment.  The anger from him is clear, but what could be clearer is the romantic tension between Noah and Bailey.  Unfortunately, the book seems to flip from hate to love quickly without any sense that there was still mutual affection for their shared past, which can leave the reader wanting more. Bailey’s ability to overcome her past and to move forward with a positive outlook is truly inspirational. 

Elissa Blabac