A Must for Christmas (A Darling Cove Novella)


Faith and Greg Mallory are living the perfect dream. They are childhood sweethearts, happily married and crazy in love. Christmas is upon them, and they are one month away from having twin sons. What could make it better? Depends on who you ask. They do disagree about what to name the babies and whether Faith should quit her exciting new career to be a stay-at-home mommy.  It seems there is a little bit of real-life reality in their picture-perfect lives, and the stress might be too much for either one of them.

This sweet holiday read opens in the month before Faith is to delivers twins. She’s preparing for her and Greg’s first Christmas as a married couple, when she goes into premature labor and the story splits to Greg.  As Faith’s life hangs in the balance, Greg is torn between his fear of losing her, his confidence she will be okay, and his duties as a new daddy to twins. His family is there to support him through the harrowing days. 

This is a touching tale about love, family, faith, and small-town Christmas. The book is told about eighty percent from Greg’s Point-Of-View and 20 percent from Faith’s. The family members are an interesting mix of people. While touching, it has a fairly predictable storyline. The emotions could have been stronger, given the life-threatening urgency, and the motivation could have been clearer, beyond just wanting mom and babies to be okay. However, it is an organic, memorable story that will resonate with readers who enjoy holiday tales. 

Emerson Matthews