Must Be Crazy


Skye Mallory is an attorney who’s helping out with her father’s trial, one of the many stressful situations currently on Skye’s mind. While attempting to relax, her small apartment that she has totally made her chic pad, which also houses her law office, catches on fire due to accidentally knocking over a candle. The one man that she’s had eyes for lately just so happens to be the Fire Chief who comes to her aid. Her ex-boyfriend also appears out of the blue and wants to retain Skye to help sue the architect who has totally botched his house near her home town of Darling Cove. Something has got to give, and it might just be Skye’s heart. Is it finally her turn at love? 

Ms. Garland has created a great place in Darling Cove with wonderful relatable characters. The diverse family portrayals are very thoughtful and well-drawn. Story of a single father, a family who lost their mother too soon and a sister that has hidden her medical issue to not add worry to the family. All great subplots to this wonderfully penned book. Many serious issues are covered, and all are done well. Although not totally an original story line, the heart breaks and heart-warming moments will totally win over the hearts of readers. This is book 3 in the series but stands alone beautifully. If one has not read the first two, grab them up fast as they will be just as good as this one!

Viola Robins